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Netscape Navigator 3.0

Surfing the web with Navigator

  • To go to a web site enter the address into the location box at the top of the page and press enter.
  • To store the web site so you can find it later click on bookmarks | add bookmark.
  • To save a web page for viewing later click on file | save as, then select a location to save the file and remember where you have saved it for future reference.
  • To view a file you have saved click file | open page | choose file, then select the file you have saved.
  • To search on a topic on the Internet click on the net search button. Then enter the topic you are interested in in the dialog box and press enter. There are a number of different search engines listed on the lefthand side of the main search page which provide different information and content. Try them out to see which ones suit the topics you are interested in.
  • After you have searched a number of pages you can go back to a previous page by clicking on the back button and then click on the forward button to go forward again. You can also see a history of where you have been by clicking on window | history. Double clicking on an address will take you to that page.
  • Every page you look at counts as data traffic. Often the largest data component of the page is the picture, you can see this because they take a long time to display. To save time and money you can tell Netscape to only download text. To set this up click on options and untick auto load. There will now be an images button at the top of the screen which you can click on whenever you want to view the images in a page.

Sending and Receiving Email

  • To send someone an email click on to mail which will bring up the new message box. Enter the email address at the top of the page or if it is in the address book just write their name in. Click on the attach button to attach a file or web page. Enter your message in the large box. When you are finished click on send. To save money and time on the Internet write your emails offline and click on file | send later. When you are online line click on file | send messages in outbox.
  • To collect your mail click on Get Mail. Enter your password in the dialog box that comes up.
  • To delete messages once you have finished with them right click on a message and select delete from the drop down list.
  • To access the address book click on window | address book.

Other stuff

The Navigator help menu is very good if you have a problem