Simstal Macadamia - Spray Free Macadamia Nuts Grown at South Kaipara Head in New Zealand.  



Our Macadamia Orchard is located 50 minutes from Central Auckland on the very edge of the mighty Kaipara Harbour.  It is an idyllic and peaceful spot with views out over mangroves and across the harbour. When the wind is blowing from the west we can hear the crashing of the Tasman Sea at Muriwai Beach.  

Since May 2011, when we purchased this property we have used no chemical/synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on our farm.   

We use certified organic seaweed and rock salt to fertilize our trees and gardens.  We also use the horse, chicken and sheep manure that we collect on the farm.  We chip all the Macadamia Nut tree prunings and use them to mulch the trees.  We also compost the macadamia nut husks to use under the trees and in our gardens.  We have sheep and a horse to help keep the grass at bay.  We have chickens to help with the pest control.  We also use specific plants to attract pests such as shield bugs

We are not YET certified organic.  We plan to become certified in the future but currently don't have the time to deal with the paper work etc.   We are absolutely committed to farming organically and as sustainably as possible.  We have been committed organic gardeners for 25 + years.  We try to limit our use of fossil fuels and try to live as lightly as we can, solar and wet back hot water, wool insulation, double glazed windows, energy efficient light bulbs, composting toilet, rain water harvesting, grey water recycling. 

We have Raw Macadamia Nuts in Large 7 - 8kg bags and Dry Roasted Macadamia Nut Spread available for purchase.  See our other pages.
Our 6 hectare farm has been "spray-free" (no chemical/synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers) since May 2011.