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All email, superlite, lite, regular or mover accounts get a certain number of free hours  per month. Usage over and above this free amount is charged for. Check the rates sheet for your allowance.

Time usage is self explanatory but data usage is a little more complicated. Everything you look at on the Internet requires data to be transferred from a remote computer on the Internet through PlaNet to your computer. All local data is free and we charge for international data above your monthly allowance. 

To speed up web browsing we have installed a proxy server which saves the most recent pages downloaded by people. If your computer is setup to use the proxy server it will check for a page on the server before going outside PlaNet to download it. Therefore if a page is already there it is much faster to download.

You can check your monthly usage by going to the PlaNet home page pl.net and clicking on meter then  Auckland time.

  • Enter your user name and password and a report of monthly usage will be displayed.
  • Time is displayed in hours so 4.5 hours equals 4 hours 30 minutes.


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