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Can’t web browse or send email

  • Check you have the correct proxy server. The metered accounts proxy server is proxy.ak.planet.gen.nz port 3128 and the flat rate proxy server is frproxy.ak.planet.gen.nz port 3128
  • Check for two or more TCP/IP’s in the network section of the control panel. Go start | settings | control panel | network, there should be one TCP/IP and one dial up adapter. Remove extra TCP/IP’s by highlighting them and clicking on the remove button. Then restart your computer.

Can’t send or receive email

  • Check your settings. The outgoing mail server is mail.ak.planet.gen.nz incoming mail server is a POP3 server and its address is mail.ak.planet.gen.nz.
  • Your email login name is generally the same as the dial up name except for the metered accounts where the email name does not require the capital P in front of the address.

People send me email but I don’t receive it

  • Fax or post us a copy of the email so we can check it for errors.

I send people email but it doesn’t get there

  • Check their email address. Get them to send you an email so you can reply to it.

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