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Frequent Disconnections

This is normally due to the telephone line signal strength. Things that effect signal strength are:

  • The number of phones connected into the phone line.
  • Phones that have a memory function.
  • Fax machines
  • Long extension cords to the modem.

If you are having intermittent problems getting connected and frequent disconnections remove all phones, fax machines and long extension cords going to the modem.

  • 56k modems push the phone lines to the limit. You can lock the modem speed down to connect at a lower speed for example 33.6k by going start | programs | accessories | dial up networking and right click on the Planet Icon and select properties. Then go configure | advanced and put the following initialisation string in the advance settings +MS=11,1,300,33600.This is a general setting which works for a lot of modems however check you modem booklet for specific details.

For further information the following are selected links to sites around the world with solutions to the most common modem and disconnection problems.

Modem troubleshooting

Navas 2880 - 56k Modem FAQ

Troubleshooting 56k flex

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