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At PlaNet you can have more than one email address per dial up account. So  how do you set up your email program to use them?

  • If you have more than one computer then set them up with the same dial up settings but different email addresses.
  • If you only have a single computer then you can have a separate email program for each email address, e.g. Netscape for one and explorer for another.
  • Alternatively two of the most popular programs Microsoft Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator allow multiple email addresses within the same program. The following details cover the setup for each program.


Outlook Express uses separate email accounts within the program to separate email.

To add additional email accounts start up the program and

  • go tools | accounts | add | mail .
  • This starts up the new email account wizard which will ask you for all the details to set up the account.
  • First enter your name | click next | enter your email address | click next | select POP3 for the incoming mail server, the incoming and outgoing mail server names are both mail.ak.planet.gen.nz | click next | check "log on using" and enter your email login name and password | click next | enter a user friendly name for the new account | click next and choose connect using a phone line | click next | choose the modem you are using (normally modem shown is OK) | click next | and check "use an existing dial up connection" then select PlaNet | then click finish. Congratulations you are done. Click close and you are back to your email program.

Now if you want to send someone an email with a particular account compose the message in the usual manner then go File at the top left hand corner of the new message box | send message using and choose the account you want to send it as.

To check for messages in a single account go tools | send and recieve and choose the account you want to check.

When mail comes in it can be directed to a separate inbox for each user using the inbox assistant. Go tools | inbox assistant | add. Tick account and choose an account then tick move to and click on folder. Click on add new folder and create a folder name such as Fred’s inbox then select OK four times until you are back to the main Outlook Express page.


The procedure for Netscape Communicator is to create different user profiles which you choose when you start up the program. Each user has their own address book, email program and Internet program.

To setup click on start | programs | Netscape Communicator | utilities | user profile manager. Select New | click on next | and enter your name and email address then click on next | enter a profile name and default directory | click next | enter the outgoing mail server mail.ak.planet.gen.nz | click next | enter the incoming mail server mail.ak.planet.gen.nz | click next | and enter your mail server user name (generally mail login name), and mail server type POP3 | click next | enter the news server name news.ak.planet.gen.nz | click finish.

You now have a new user profile. When you start up Netscape it will always ask you which profile you want to start as. You will need to set Planet as the home page and setup the proxy server the first time you start up in your new profile. Refer to the proxy server setup page on the index on the left of the page.

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